The entire process of mountaineering is itself a meditative experience; technological isolation fosters introspection, strenous but measured physical exertion gives focus to thought, and the sublime beauty of the landscape frees the imagination.

The desolate vastness of the terrain, the harsh cold of the snow, the pale starlight trillions of kilometers away, the disconnection from society - altogether, they culminate in the realization that one's worldy concerns stand for naught in this court of the Universe.

  • Only include mountains requiring significant effort in this table (i.e., mountains with chairlifts/cablecars should not be included).
Climbed Mountain Height
2013 Dec Yala Peak, Nepal 5550m
2014 May Island Peak, Nepal (video) 6189m
2014 Jun Mt Semeru, Indonesia 3676m
2014 Aug Mt Kinabalu, Sabah 4095m
2014 Dec Poon Hill, Nepal 3210m
2015 Apr Mt Rinjani, Indonesia 3726m
2015 Dec Mt Kilimanjaro, Tanzania 5895m
The Matterhorn, Switzerland 4478m
Mera Peak, Nepal 6476m
Aconcagua, Argentina 6962m
Ama Dablam, Nepal 6812m
The Stratosphere, Low Earth Orbit 36,600m

It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.
Sir Edmund Hillary