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Travel Bucket List

A list of all the places I want to visit in the future.

  • Places I visit and which are significant should also be added here.
  • Grouped by Geographical (not political) continent. If not on a continent, to place under Islands (or Misc if not an island either).
  • Prefix the country name in front of the item, e.g. China: Great Wall.
  • Mountains requiring significant effort to climb (i.e. no chairlifts/cablecars) should be in Mountaineering.
  • Include photos of the places I have visited here, inline.


  • Seychelles: La Digue Island
  • Southern Africa: Victoria Falls
  • Yemen: Socotra Island


  • Deception Island: Visit


  • Arctic: Visit the place


  • Bhutan: Snowman Trek
  • Bintan: Find jellyfish here at the beach
  • China: Great Wall
  • China, Hunan: Tianmen Mountain
  • China: Zhangye Danxia National Geological Park (Danxia landforms, aka Rainbow Mountains)
  • Dubai: Burj Khalifa (world's tallest building 829m)
  • Hong Kong: Maclehose Trail
  • Indonesia: Karimun Island (floating resort)
  • Indonesia: Lombok to labuan bajo (Chai Xun, 2018, presumably by boat)
  • Indonesia: Mt Kerinci (3,805m)
  • Japan, Hokkaido: Daisetsuzan Traverse
  • Japan, Japan Alps: Cycling in Norikura (2716m) Photo gallery, Bicycle touring, hiking and friends in Japan FB group, TABI RIDE CLUB KANSAI
  • Japan: Hashima Island (ghost town)
  • Japan: Shikoku 88 Henro Trail (map)
  • Japan: Koshoji Zen Temple
  • Korea: 4 Rivers Biking Trail
  • Langkawi: Find jellyfish here at the beach
  • Laos: Thakhek Loop (#2/3 route for motorbiking)
  • Malaysia, Sarawak: Deer Cave
  • Malaysia, Tioman: Melina Beach Resort (recommended by Howe Cheng in 17/10/22)
  • Maldives: Manta Retreat, Dharavandhoo (recommended by Angela, 2022, who went there, and to two other islands, for surfing at $40/day. Quiet and secluded)
  • Maldives: Visit
  • Nepal: Everest Base Camp
  • Nepal: Tilicho Lake Trek
  • North Korea: Paektu mountain
  • North Korea: Visit (note: risky)
  • Pakistan: Attabad Lake (recommended by CX)
  • Philippines: Hinatuan enchanted river
  • Saudi Arabia: Empty Quarter (from Mohsin K., met during Kilimanjaro climb)
  • TIbet: Lake Yamdrok
  • Taiwan: YUAN ZUI – SHAO LAI SHAN trail
  • Taiwan: 北大武 (Bei da wu) trail
  • Terengganu: Find jellyfish here at the beach
  • Thailand: Mae hong son (#1/3 route for motorbiking)
  • Turkmenistan: Darvaza Gas Crater (Hell's Door)
  • Vietnam: Ha giang (#3/3 route for motorbiking, check CX strava)
  • Vietnam: Ly Son Island
  • Vietnam: Son Doong cave (largest in the world)


  • Australia: Great Barrier Reef
  • Australia: Uluru/Ayer's Rock
  • Australia: Great Central Road
  • New Zealand: Aoraki Mackenzie International Dark Sky Reserve (dark sky preserve)
  • New Zealand: Aotea/Great Barrier Island (dark sky preserve)
  • New Zealand: Dunedin (dark sky preserve)
  • New Zealand: Queenstown (dark sky preserve)
  • New Zealand: Rakiura/Stewart Island (dark sky preserve)
  • New Zealand: Stonehenge Aotearoa (dark sky preserve)
  • Tasmania: Cradle Mountains
  • New Zealand: Tongariro National Park (LotR Mordor filming location, Emerald Lakes)


  • Faroe Islands: Visit (Elza)
  • France: Corsica (GR20 route there too, recommended by host Cyrill during 2022 May trip with Chanel to Nice, France for hiking)
  • France: GR52 trail (60.4 miles)
  • France: Aiguille du Midi
  • Germany: Neuschwanstein Castle
  • Iceland: Blue Lagoon
  • Norway: Visit the country
  • Romania: Carpathian Mountains
  • Santorini: Visit
  • Spain: Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park
  • Spain: Way of St James (also possible via bike)
  • Switzerland, Zermatt: The Matterhorn
  • Turkey: Cappadocia (hot air balloons)
  • UK: Brecon Beacons National Park, Wales
  • UK: Stonehenge

North America

  • Alaska: Atigun Pass (Motorcycle to the end of the world 11,000mi)
  • Amazon Rainforest: Visit
  • Belize: Great Blue Hole
  • Canada: Cape Breton National Park
  • Canada: Gampo Abbey (Buddhist monastery)
  • Canada: Kluane National Park and Reserve (Kluane Icefields)
  • Greenland: Kite Skiing
  • Hawaii: Haleakala Volcano (3055m)
  • Hawaii: Visit
  • Mexico: Cave of the Crystals
  • Mexico: Chichen Itza
  • USA, Southwest: Antelope Canyon
  • USA, Southwest: Delicate Arch
  • USA, Southwest: Mesa Arch
  • USA, Southwest: Monument Valley
  • USA: Appalachian trail
  • USA: Death Valley National Park (Badwater Basin)
  • USA: Grand Canyon National Park
  • USA: Pacific Crest trail
  • USA: Thor's Well (sinkhole)
  • USA: Yosemite National Park

South America

  • Argentina: Iguazu Falls
  • Bolivia: Salar de Uyuni (largest salt flats)
  • Chile: Atacama Desert
  • Chile: Torres del Paine National Park
  • Georgia: Voronya Caves (deepest in the world at ~2km)
  • Peru: Machu Picchu
  • Venezuela: Angel Falls (tallest uninterrupted waterfall at 979m, requires trekking)
  • Venezuela: Catatumbo River (Catatumbo Lightning)


  • Bora Bora Island: Visit
  • Easter Island: Visit
  • Palau: Jellyfish Lake


  • Bermuda Triangle: Sail through
  • Challenger Deep: Visit (deepest known point in the seabed of Earth, ~10km)
  • The Moon: Visit

I knew that I was more than the something which had been looking out all that day upon the visible earth and thinking and speaking and tasting friendship. Somewhere — close at hand in that rosy thicket or far off beyond the ribs of sunset — I was gathered up with an immortal company, where I and poet and lover and flower and cloud and star were equals, as all the little leaves were equal ruffling before the gusts, or sleeping and carved out of the silentness. And in that company I learned that I am something which no fortune can touch, whether I be soon to die or long years away. Things will happen which will trample and pierce, but I shall go on, something that is here and there like the wind, something unconquerable, something not to be separated from the dark earth and the light sky, a strong citizen of infinity and eternity. The confidence and ease had become a deep joy; I knew that I could not do without the Infinite, nor the Infinite without me.
Edward Thomas, The Stile